Hi there! I am Raphael, I work for an Information and Communication Technology company. I was born in the Rio de Janeiro City.

Photography is my way of getting away from computer, so I do not stay whole time stuck in the front of a computer. Photography works as a way to be away from home and finds out places and places.

This blog was created from questions in Yahoo! Answers which I responded in the section of Photographic Cameras. A lot of people asked many questions about that subject, but did not know exactly what to do, so I decided to concentrate my opinion on photographic equipment and photography in general.

I continue to be a great pleasure in talking about photography, if you are from Rio and also like photography, we can talk about photography here in my blog. Photography is not the only thing that I like.

Design is another hobby I love doing it lately. I like designing furniture. Knowing a bit about photography is useful for my designing hobby. I can post the result of my works.

So, if you happen to love the stuff as I do, just visit my blog and we can talk about designing furniture and photography. You are free to ask or to comment on my blog.